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Macmillan Education Primary

Lioncrest Education is bringing you the very best literacy programs from Macmillan Education – Primary

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Macmillan Primary - Snappy Sounds

Fun, fast phonics!

A simple and speedy systematic, synthetic phonics program, built by Australian educators, authors and speech pathologists to engage and excel all of your learners. Snappy Sounds addresses your phonics needs with a straightforward kit of components designed to have you and your students decoding from Week 1.

Deliver this key part of your literacy curriculum in an effective way through:

  • An explicit and snappy teaching routine that involves minimal preparation
  • An assessment check to reveal exactly where students need further support
  • Engaging and modern decodable readers for students to apply and practice their learning
  • A mastery teaching sequence which dedicates a quarter of your lessons to consolidation and catch up, so that you can set the right pacefor your students.

Macmillan Primary - Talk about Texts

A talk and vocabulary-focused approach for rich guided reading

With its unique talk approach, Talk About Texts integrates the teaching of reading, vocabulary and oral language skills into one rich and effective program which will help you to save time and achieve more.

The Talk About Texts resources seamlessly integrate a number of oral language instructional strategies to teach the four elements of talk through your guided reading sessions: listening and responding, building vocabulary, having fluent conversations and questioning. Teacher Guides available.

160 Student books:

  • Finely levelled
  • Full coverage of text types
  • Curriculum links
  • Post-reading activities

Teacher's Editions:

  • Look just like the Student Book, allowing discreet access to your teaching notes
  • Embed the oral language approach and vocabulary instruction throughout for and effective guided reading sessions,

Macmillan Primary - Connect

Connecting to the digital classroom, connecting to young minds

This outstanding series meets the ever-changing needs of today’s Year 1-4 classrooms.

The program helps teachers guide students to develop their literacy skills by encouraging them to listen to, read, view, speak about, write, create and reflect on a variety of text types.

Connect provides features such as:

  • Strong phonics and comprehension focus including literal, inferential and evaluative questions
  • Tightly levelled texts within each reading level
  • Controlled high-frequency words
  • Engaging fiction and nonfiction texts
  • Integrated Asian, Indigenous Australian and sustainability content
  • Striking illustrations and vivid photos that bring the content to life
  • Simple structure for ease of planning.


  • Guided reading notes for each student book and literature title
  • Assessment records and task sheets
  • Charts aligning resources with the curriculum
  • Scope and sequence charts providing word counts, text types, high-frequency words, vocabulary and language conventions, and phonics focus.

Macmillan Primary - Springboard into Comprehension

Proven to increase comprehension skills

This bestselling series allows teachers to systematically develop students’ comprehension skills and strategies.

Print resources to assist the acquisition of skills in interpreting, evaluating and critiquing ideas, information and issues.

The carefully structured student books create an engaging learning framework that supports and challenges students.

The Springboard into Comprehension series is based on an explicit teaching framework.

STEP 1 Explicit instruction

STEP 2 Modelling the comprehension skill

STEP 3 Guided practice with the skill

STEP 4 Applying the skill

Macmillan Primary - Learn-Abouts

There’s no better way to teach non-fiction skills in lower primary classrooms

Written from a child's perspective, Learn-Abouts uses informative topics, engaging photos and interesting visual literacy features to captivate young students' minds, whilst providing ESL and 'at risk' students with additional support.

Developed with beginner readers' needs in focus, the books are levelled to Reading Recovery criteria, offering support and gradual challenges to students whilst also assisting with class planning.

The child-centred topics enable teachers to integrate Learn-Abouts into science and humanities teaching.


The supporting Teacher Notes provide:

  • Vocabulary activities
  • Comprehension activities
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Photocopiable sheets.

Macmillan Primary - STEM Investigations

Integrating Science, Maths and Technologies for real-world learning

A resource designed for YOUR classroom, so no matter where you are on your STEM journey, you can feel confident and supported. Explore the amazing world of STEM education with your students at the pace and depth of your choice.

You will be able to integrate STEM simply and easily using our reproducibles, templates, graphic organisers, glossary of STEM terms, vocabulary pre-teaching ideas and MORE.


✓ Highest quality
✓ Export authors
✓ Supports classroom differentiation
✓ Extremely good value
✓ Curriculum aligned
✓ For Middle and Upper primary.

Curriculum aligned, extremely good value!


Each card presents a real-world situation and problem, and students work towards a solution to this problem through a guided inquiry approach.  Every investigation requires the application of science, technologies and maths knowledge and skills, following a design thinking process, with a focus on literacy, particularly science literacy and vocabulary.

20 STEM investigations organised into five themes:

  • Built World – eg. simple machines, design of buildings, town planning 
  • Managed World – eg. human-made systems, communities and manufacturing
  • Natural World – eg. animal and plant life cycles, animal adaptations
  • Sustainable World – eg. sharing finite resources, global sustainability issues
  • Who We Are – eg. human rights and responsibilities, community and cultural beliefs and values

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